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Tromso, the home of the famous Northern Lights Observatory, is beautifully situated on a forest-covered isle. Take a leisurely island drive and visit the Tromso Museum and an ultra-modern cathedral, whose design was inspired by the ice of the Arctic. Again, the preservation of old ways and integration with present-day technology is remarkable.

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by elainewilson

We truly enjoyed the Sami camp and reindeer sledding! It is true. We also didn’t get to see the lights. You have to get lucky. Because it would start to snow in the afternoon and evening, the clouds would obscure the lights. Time of night important. It seemed the folks who saw the lights went between 11 pm and 3 am. You have to be VERY patient (and) lucky. Another option is set up an excursion with a private tour group. The people who did that had greater success with seeing the lights. Hope this helps!


by rorkand

In the morning we took a private tour to visit the Sami and the reindeer. Very enjoyable. At night we took a private excursion to see the Northern Lights. We were extraordinarily lucky that night and were thrilled by what we saw.

Visited: Jan 25, 2019

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by BabyOleg

Visited Northern Lights Observatory saw a film, very informative. Arctic Cathedral a fine example of modern architecture, crossed the Tromso bridge very good views of the city.


by mills147

Lovely stop. Taxi rides to cable cart approx 300nok one way. Amazing views and mountain climbs once at the top. It’s an amazing place to visit and lots to do.


by krishy3

Another day didn’t really have much planned but then had the best fun packed day! Went to the cable car up the mountain amazing view of the island and great trek up the hill felt like we were in the clouds. Then walked to the cathedral which is unique and then over the bridge which was Amazing into the city. The gardens were lush.. and the sun shone all day... perfect

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