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Tromso, the home of the famous Northern Lights Observatory, is beautifully situated on a forest-covered isle. Take a leisurely island drive and visit the Tromso Museum and an ultra-modern cathedral, whose design was inspired by the ice of the Arctic. Again, the preservation of old ways and integration with present-day technology is remarkable.

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I i took an nature excursion to a nearby Island (Whale Island). The weather was poor, but the excursion that took us by the location of the bombing of the Tirpitz, walking on tundra, picking blueberries and cloud berries was fun. Scenery would have been great in better weather.

Visited: Aug 12, 2017

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This was a fun port. We took a cable car up the mountain for spectacular views. We saw the northernmost Catholic Church in the world. We took a picture of the 'Northern Lights' at the Arctic Cathedral. It was the only way we could see and have a picture of them.

Visited: Jun 07, 2010

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