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Stavanger, the southern gateway to the Fjordlands, is also the home port of much of the fleet that serves the North Sea oil fields. Visit for historical investigation or to soak up the majesty of the natural terrain. View its medieval Cathedral and other highlights of the town or travel out to Pulpit Rock, a breathtaking vista high above the fjords.

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Our excursion - Alborg Walking Tour” . We walked to the city center, entered the New Square and saw the 1624 home of Jens Bang. We past the 1762 Town Hall and went into the 14th century Cathedral of St. Bulof. The church was built in 1060 AD. The cathedral was amazing with a huge organ, beautiful statues, massive wall displays & pulpit, very unique pews and a beautiful altar. We walked through the Alborg Castle. We entered the Vor Frue Kirke Church. In the church, we saw two large tombs, enormous wall displays, a huge pipe organ and an altar that was fantastic.

Visited: May 22, 2016

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