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Narvik is an ice-free port on the Ofotfjord, just opposite the Lofoten Islands. It was founded in 1887 as the Atlantic port for the Kiruna and Gallivare iron mines in Sweden and was known as Victoriahavn until 1898. The city is now a tourist center. A great way to enjoy this serene area is to row out onto the fjord on a calm day and enjoy the peaceful lapping of the clear waters.

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by elainewilson

Narvik is a working village known for its iron ore mining. There isn’t much fancy tourist stuff here but the people are very proud of their town. This is where we took a train to Sweden. That was a little disorganized but once we got to our destination it was a beautiful place. We went dogsledding. So much fun! The owner was very nice. She had made cakes and hot chocolate over a fire. They just didn’t have any restrooms. They needed a port a potty!


by Deedream

Worth taking the train into Sweden. Beautiful views especially if coming back at sunset. Need to check train times carefully if not on an excursion as there was only one train back in the afternoon.

Visited: Oct 08, 2019

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