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Haugesund and its vicinity present attractions both ancient and modern. History buffs can take a trip back to the 9th century and explore numerous Viking monuments, including the grave of Harold I. It is also home of a 928-foot drydock, which, at its completion in 1979, was the largest in Scandinavia. For those more interested in contemporary Nordic achievment, the port boasts both fish and aluminum processing industries.

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Haugesund is lovely and well worth a visit. Lots of Viking heritage, breathtakingly beautiful viewpoints and extremely friendly people in this town said to be built on herring bones! I hope to come back and visit again.


Haugesund is a pretty town with a quay where locals pull up for a drink. There was a great IMAX like movie of the area that showed area waterfalls & mountains in helicopter spinning visuals. Apparently it was supported in large part by local energy companies, as they discussed the energy picture almost as much as the scenery of the region.

Visited: Jul 30, 2017

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Nice enough place for a stroll. Other reviewers are correct in that there not a huge amount to see/do but we had good weather and a nice day mooching about seeing the highlights that this small town has to offer. The walk by the quayside was lovely.


Went to visit Arquebus Defense Museum, excellent place to visit. All about Norway's occupation by the Nazis during second world war , hundreds of large and small exhibits from bullets to tanks, cannons, guns and everyday objects. Fascinating history and the time just flew.

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