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Tucked at the end of a fjord, tiny Flam huddles between steep peaks and deep, still water. From its gingerbread rail station, an electric train zigzags through mountaintops and tunnel after tunnel, emerging on the "Roof of Norway." It's an amazing experience. Return by the same route, or take one of the world's most scenic drives through the Romsdal Alps.

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by krishy3

The ship had sold out but we were able to buy tickets at the station for a much cheaper price. The waterfall was by far the best surprise of this tour. It’s a must do if your visiting this port.


by Huntingdon1701

We did the ship's tour on the railway - sit on the right hand side of the railway as it leaves Flam (facing into the mountain), but when you switch over to the second train for the onward journey, switch over to sitting on the left. That way you get the best views on each leg. If you don't do that, then you end up with a few hours of effectively blank mountainside. It was very scenic though. Flam itself is tiny, so don't expect to find much to do in the actual port.

Visited: Aug 25, 2018

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by 4Goodtimes

Took the train up & down the mountain. Great views & picture taking opportunties. The ship seems to dock right in town & the train station is about 100 yards away. Great meal & beer at the local microbrewery.


by Ruudje

Nice small town, not a lot to do other then excursions for tourists. We did a hike to the Brekkenfossen waterfall and a hike arround Fläm.

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