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Falmouth is located in the Carrick district of Cornwall, England. The town is perched on a peninsula, and has long been an important center of trade. Falmouth is a popular resort and sailing area, boasting sandy beaches, fair climate, and a spacious harbor. Try to swim the width of the English Channel, if you dare.

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A nice excursion from Falmouth is a trip to Port Isaac/Port Wenn. Princess did not offer an excursion so one person in my group made an independent arrangement with a taxi company which charged 200 pounds fare. Divided by 6 people the trip only cost about 34 pounds. The taxi probably could have provided for 12 people. Independent arrangement were a lot cheaper than excursion offered by the cruise line. We travelled on a company named ABAcUS. They were excellent. I highly recommend this company. Reservation were made by email during the cruise.


Tenders not good. It seemed to me that the ships security dept caused long unnecessary delays. They seemed understaffed or unqualified. The weather was terrible. All of the paying customers had to wait in long lines in the rain.

Visited: Apr 15, 2007

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