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A town of churches, bridges and pubs, Cork is best known for Blarney Castle where you are invited to kiss the famed stone to acquire the "gift of gab." St. Patrick Street, the town's main thoroughfare, is good for shopping and people watching. See the Shandon bells in St. Anne's church. Those who are willing to climb the 134 winding steps to the top of the steeple will be rewarded with a wondrous view of the city, harbor and hills.

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by Reader27

If you take the Blarney Castle excursion, skip the long line to kiss the stone and explore the gardens instead. We had only two hours there, and those who wanted to kiss the stone spent almost the whole time in line. I am so glad we went through the gardens and wooded trails instead; it was unbelievably beautiful (even on a misty, rainy day) and just what I expected Ireland to be like. I almost expect to see fairies and leprechauns in the mossy glens and leafy trails.

Visited: Jul 07, 2016

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by mcrossan

We fell in love with Cork. It’s exactly as you would imagine a southern Irish city/town to feel like. It was warm and friendly & the craic & Guiness were great!


by Stutting33

This port was one of my favorites. We hired a taxi and he was the best! Went to Blarney castle. Don’t waste your time kissing the rock unless it’s on your bucket list. The line is long. We walked around the grounds and it was beautiful! Our taxi drove us to the market and then out to lunch. The food was amazing! He drove us to old church and then to a old military fort. The history is amazing! Loved Cork!!!


by Marnie2005

Stayed in Cobh for the day! Lovely small Irish village with loads of atmosphere..easy to walk around, found a authentic Irish pub, Ron Roy’s I believe, kitchen party going on,,,,great music and fun

Visited: May 31, 2019

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