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This is a classic Norwegian town full of colorful charm. You can wander up narrow streets into the surrounding hills or enjoy Gamte Bergen, the old town, with cobbled streets and wonderful little shops and bakeries.

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by mcrossan

This was our 2nd visit here. We walked through Bryggen, round to the Ice Bar & Aquarium, we had great weather and had a ball. Bergen is lovely and there is so much to explore.

Visited: Jul 13, 2019

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by LT1023

Bergen was an awesome port. Very walkable and easy to get around on your own. We did not book an excursion. Bergen is a very rainy city. They get rain most days of the year so we brought umbrellas and light layers. It was a short walk from the cruise terminal down the main road and up a slight hill to the funicular station that takes you to the top of mount Floyen. The views were amazing from the top. There is a playground and some walking trails. There were friendly goats. Wear sneakers as the goats kind of roam free and the poop is heavy in some areas. There was a place for food and souvenirs as well as bathrooms. We did this first thing and were glad we did as the line to take funicular was all the way down the street when we came back down. We then stopped at a Starbucks that is deceiving as it looks like it is in a church type building. We visited the fish market just off the Main Street across from the wharf. We sampled cured whale and reindeer. They had all kinds of fresh fish and paella being made in huge pans that looked and smelled delicious. My son had and husband had reindeer hotdogs. We then visited the wharf area with all the shops up and down the wooden floored alleyways. We found lots of brand name outerwear at decent prices. The Christmas shop is three stories and we brought back some great souvenirs from this shop. We found a pelter who sold a ton of animal products like blankets and slippers and reindeer antler knifes and dolls. Hats and gloves and little magnets. His family owned the space and it has been passed down. In this part of the world it is not uncommon or illegal to have these goods. My husband brought back a pair of slippers and he loves them. We did go through customs and they were inspected and passed through. We also had papers to certify the origin of the fur used. We stopped in a shop along the side of the street where the wharf is and had a panini and some pastries which were all amazing. Locals were very friendly. Would visit this port again.


by ArcticMandy

Most cruisers want to go to the top of Mt. Floyen and here's a tip for you: the funicular has an app :) You can find a link to the app on Mt. Floyen's website but I also found it directly in the Android Play store. Buying your ticket on the app means you can skip the ticket queue and go directly to the queue for the funicular. The app is available in English.

by ScottiCruises

Now you want to talk about wonderful.... Bergen is it !! the village is awesome... the fish market is amazing... had the best meal there !! The Viking village is fun... beer garden great ! What a wonderful day !!!

Visited: May 11, 2019

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by krishy3

Amazing port sun been shining all day old town has lovely quaint shops. Walk to the floibenen And take the train to the top Of the mountain. Get there early would be my tip. The lake with fountain is beautiful. Great place love it.

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