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This is a classic Norwegian town full of colorful charm. You can wander up narrow streets into the surrounding hills or enjoy Gamte Bergen, the old town, with cobbled streets and wonderful little shops and bakeries.

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We took a pretty pricey taxi to the Stave Church and were very happy to have done so. There's a nice walk to the church and while it's a reproduction it is nonetheless remarkable. We also took the tourist train here because we didn't want to wait 2 hours for the funicular, nor did we want the hop on hop off. the little train has a lookout stop and it suited us fine. We walked back to the ship...

Visited: Aug 06, 2017

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made me glad I live in the UK Bergen has 240+ days a rain a year. my tour guide said "there isn't bad weather, just bad clothes" but it is a lovely place with lovely people.

Visited: Jul 22, 2017

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Loads to see in Bergen but we headed straight for the 'Ice Magic'. An ice bar with some wonderful sculptures and carvings. Lovely friendly staff and well worth a visit.

Visited: Sep 03, 2017

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