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Korcula is not just a work of physical beauty; the island carries immense historical significance throughout its sun-dappled shores as well. Visitors can explore the ruins of the Vela Spilja cave, where settlers camped 8,000 years ago, or tour the birthplace of legendary explorer Marco Polo. Be sure to capture Korcula's looming rock formations, rolling hills, and ornate stone buildings on film.

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by BanjoPickR

Do we did the winery tour in Korcula. There were two wineries that we toured. The first was a small family-run vintner, but his wine was awesome. I was sad to find out that he doesn’t import to the states. The area around where they live is very dry, so the grapes grow close to ground. That was interesting. The second winery was the Girgic’ winery. This wine you can get in the States under the label, Grigich Hills. After the tour we strolled through Korcula at our leisure. You can purchase 2 bottles of wine on this trip and the ship will actually let you bring the bottles back on board to drink if you want to. We thought that was cool! Salute!

by gkelley949

Loved it. It's about a 3 hour town, which worked out good because the ship departed there at 2PM. Glorious pine treed promenade along the water with lots of scenic views and waterfront restaurants. Take the walking tour shore excursion.

Visited: May 05, 2017

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by Reichel

One of our absolute best ports to stop and visit; awesome history and walled city; plenty to see within the walls; charming seaside town with aqua clear water to dive and swim; we had a blast here and talked with local people and children. My teens enjoyed this stop. Eating a pizza to go with drinks after an invigorating swim off the town's fortress walls was memorable. Had a tasty lunch along the marina; great trinkets and paintings for reasonable cost; people are polite, engaging, and kind. No crime.

Visited: Jun 10, 2019

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