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About Giardini Di Naxos (Taormina), Sicily

The fertile valleys of Naxos are well-known producers of white wine, citron, and citrus and are the site of a number of ancient and medieval capitals. Visit the famous gardens ("giardini") and walk between the walls of the ancient Greek city and the viewing the museum's terrecotta artwork. A short trip to Grotta, just north of Naxos, finds the recent excavations of a Mycenaean settlement.

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The ship docks in Naxos. Not much there except the beach. You will need to get to Taormina either by bus or by private livery. It is about a 20 minute ride up the mountain to Taormina. The big attraction here is the large Roman outdoor theater that has great views of the harbor.

Visited: Oct 03, 2017

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