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Christopher Columbus hailed from Genoa "the Proud," which enjoys one of the most illustrious maritime histories in all of Italy. It also features the largest medieval city center in Europe as well as Renaissance palaces that once enthralled Rubens and Van Dyck. From here, you can take an excursion to Milan, Italy's vibrant epicenter of fashion, business and the arts, to feast your eyes on The Last Supper and tour the grand opera house of La Scala.

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This is the most convenient port. Free Wifi access at the port terminal. There's a tourist info desk, Tram/bus/metro right in front of the terminal. We bought "Genoa pass" for EUR4.50. Took bus 18 to Castelletto, took a lift up (included in the Genoa pass), for a birds eye view of the city. Then walked around the small pedestrian streets, and the Old Port before taking the metro back to the ship. I'm surprised MSC sells the Aquarium ticket for EUR22.90 (vs EUR26 at the Aquarium).

Visited: Dec 18, 2017

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Just love strolling around in Portofino and old town of Genova! ❤️ Also eating at Eataly with the view of "our" ship in the port! 🛳 Also have a small wineshop, which we like to pop into and by a bottle on the best recomendations! 🍷


If I could stay somewhere in Italy for a long period of time, that place is Genoa (Genova). THERE is SOOOO MUCH to see and visit there, that in a day you have to choose what to visit quickly. There are many private and public collections of art in the area close to the Main Square with the beautiful fountain...... and don't forget to stop by the House of Christopher Columbus, and the City Walls next to it. And the view you will have from the ship to the Palace in front of the Port is picture-perfect! Enjoy it! I know you will.

Visited: Jun 14, 2015

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