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by barcar1

Phillea Temple was beautiful and we enjoyed the optional sound and light show. The tour of the Nubian Village was really interesting as we arrived by boat and were able to see a local home and school. We also saw the Aswan Dam. Not really much to see but because it was important in the recent history of Egypt, we were glad we made the stop.

Visited: Mar 06, 2020

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by SherryLucy

Spent 2 days here. The Temples of Abu Simbel, sailing on the Nile and visiting the Nubian Village made this a great experience. Saw kids attending school and visited a Nubian home, where we had fresh bread and tea and could get a henna tattoo. We also did the optional light show at night at the Temples of Philae, which we visited again the next morning. However we did not see the papayrus Institute as planned due to an acident that blocked the road.

Visited: Jan 25, 2019

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