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We walked off the ship, made a deal with a taxi guy and a bunch of us packed into a minivan and went to old Town Zadar. It was a beautiful walkable town. Listened to the sea organ, walked the streets of the city with shops, cafes and restaurants you can easily walk into. We chose an outdoor seating and had some of the best Italian (had to laugh since we weren't in Italy anymore and this was super good) gnocchi I've ever had and affordable good house wine.

Visited: May 24, 2018

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The town is very nice but the main attractions is the KRKA National Park and when we tried to book it it was full so we booked a private tour that it ended up being better than Vikings

Visited: Mar 29, 2018

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Good and not so good. Took the Excursion to Split, which was a wonderful town. Guide conducted a very nice walking tour, good lunch provided, and some free time for exploring on own. Not so good: 2 hour ride both ways to Split.

Visited: Apr 01, 2017

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