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In Legend, Palamedes, the son of Nauplios and grandson of Poseidon was said to have founded the city. He is credited with invention of money, weights, measures and the order of the Greek alphabet established by a Phoenician.

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by giltom4jesus

Hired a taxi for 4 hours, 60 Euros was a good value to see the pretty mountain village of Makrinitsa. Had a lunch for 2 of Greek salad, stewed rabbit, bread, baklava, and coffee for 21 Euros. Hotel rooms for 7 Euro per night. Good shopping for a tiny music box.

Visited: Feb 12, 2016

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by susie77

Our favorite port by far. We would come back here and stay for several days. The town was beautiful and so were the enjoyed walking around and seeing the architecture. We walked up to the Fort (yes! All 999 steps) and was amazed by it. So happy both my spouse and I our memorized with history!

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