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In Legend, Palamedes, the son of Nauplios and grandson of Poseidon was said to have founded the city. He is credited with invention of money, weights, measures and the order of the Greek alphabet established by a Phoenician.

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Be sure to visit Epidaurus, the best preserved amphitheater in the world. It dates from 4th Century BC. Is still used today without amplification.

Visited: Apr 02, 2017

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Another beautiful Greek town. As you face the town from the ship there is an absolutely stunning walkway along the water to your far right that leads you to a free beach. It takes about 30 minutes to get there.

Visited: Jul 22, 2015

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Hired a taxi for 4 hours, 60 Euros was a good value to see the pretty mountain village of Makrinitsa. Had a lunch for 2 of Greek salad, stewed rabbit, bread, baklava, and coffee for 21 Euros. Hotel rooms for 7 Euro per night. Good shopping for a tiny music box.

Visited: Feb 12, 2016

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