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Itea is the port for Delphi, one of the ancient wonders of classical Greece. A short drive there reveals the Sacred Way and the famed Shrine of Delphi, where the mythological Oracle was said to foretell the future. An amazing bronze charioteer is among the many treasures in the Delphi Museum.

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stunning port :) tender to shore and amazing scenery. did trip to delphi lovely scenery and taken loads of pics :)

Visited: Sep 28, 2017

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This excursion was of a lot of breathtaking scenery (wear your sea sick patch) in a very comfortable motor coach up into the hills to Delphi. We visited the wonderful Museum at Delphi that we really needed a lot more time to browse and visit the gift shop. Our tour bus dropped us a few blocks from the pier so we had time to wander and shop in the quaint shops.

Visited: Oct 26, 2014

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