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I had an amazing time in Havana, Cuba. I went with Royal Caribbean on the Empress of the Seas. I had a Panoramic Tour excursion and it was very insightful. You have to be very patient when visiting Cuba because everything is not run as smoothly as it is in the United States. That said, we stopped in cigar/rum shop and it took about an hour to get about 36 people cashed out. The rum started at 6 CUC or $7 USD. Depending on how many cigars you bought and how big, on average, they were about $65. All of Havana is beautiful but old Havana is especially picturesque. San Francisco Plaza was absolutely breathtaking. I can't wait to go back! If you're thinking about going and wondering if the price is worth it, it is.


Havana was the highlight of our cruise. We did the classic car tour and only paid 90 CUC for both of us! Cuba has so much to offer as well as good food and drinks! Be careful when getting money back from vendors. All CUC needs to have monuments on them. If they do not and have faces on them, they're 25% less valuable (CUP which stands for Cuban pesos). Our tour lasted about 3 1/2 hours we went to the military base, rode the strip where Fast and the Furious was filmed, saw how the "rich" and poor live and more. Our driver was Blanco he bought us churros at one of our stops, willing to take lots of pics of us with our 53 Buick convertible, just overall very nice tour and Blanco made it even better!


Very interesting stop. Felt safe. Handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste to people we passed. Acted like it was gold! Visited Hemingway’s house again and his watering holes. Had local beer and drinks. Would go back again.

Visited: Mar 12, 2018

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