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You GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! Don't believe any scary stories you might have heard. It was perfectly safe and the people were amazing. I can't recommend Cuba enough. Communist or no, we are so much more alike than different!

Visited: Jul 07, 2018

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Havana was the highlight of our cruise. We did the classic car tour and only paid 90 CUC for both of us! Cuba has so much to offer as well as good food and drinks! Be careful when getting money back from vendors. All CUC needs to have monuments on them. If they do not and have faces on them, they're 25% less valuable (CUP which stands for Cuban pesos). Our tour lasted about 3 1/2 hours we went to the military base, rode the strip where Fast and the Furious was filmed, saw how the "rich" and poor live and more. Our driver was Blanco he bought us churros at one of our stops, willing to take lots of pics of us with our 53 Buick convertible, just overall very nice tour and Blanco made it even better!


Most amazing experience ever! People, places, food, everything was great. It was a great cultural moment for us to learn and appreciate the little things we take for granted. We did a tour thru a local company, Fertours, and they provided us with an English speaking tour guide (Lucy) and driver (Frank). We did some walking to the squares and then drove in a classic Chevy to several Havana highlights. Please let me know if you have questions. I was stressing a bit before the trip but everything was very easy with zero complications. Just ask me and I'll answer the best I can. Just be open minded to accept the conditions Cuban people leave because beyond the dirty city, run down buildings and poverty, there's a lot of beautiful friendly people and Havana has an architectural beauty to die for. So enjoy your trip!

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