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by DINO30094469

For as long as we have been cruising we have always booked independent excursions as we like to give to the economy of the countries we visit. Usually the companies are private individuals that are providing a service to travelers. I reviewed the previous travelers experience in TripAdvisor and chose Cuba Connection Tour. A small company located in Havana who originally started with two individuals have now expanded to 11 member team in 8 years. We had the pleasure of being grouped with Jose and Gilbert. These gentlemen were really exceptional from start to finish. We started off with them breaking down the tour which started with a morning walking tour through the new city and then the old city of Havana. As tour guides they were very knowledgeable and pointed out significant and important sites, churches and architecture throughout the tour. Without them we would have been lost wondering around not knowing where we were going. We had the opportunity to take great pictures, stop for authentic cuban coffee and engaged with the local people and actually see how they lived and got a little bit of Cuban lifestyle in the heart of the city. One thing Jose allowed us to do was create our own tour. He asked us what we wanted to see and do. We told them we wanted to see how people lived, experience their foods, culture and see real Havana away from the tourist spots. They tailored the excursion based on our requests. Jose and Gilbert were able to tend to answer all of our questions and cleared up many misconceptions of Cuban life and pointed out the lifestyle changes that recently improved certain areas for the islands residents. We learned about opportunities available to home owners being able to convert parts of their homes to partial small businesses as well as on going reservations being made throughout the city of Havana. We also stopped at Cigar and rum shops where we were able to get great deals on various kinds of cigars (Hint: There are cigars better than Cohiba)…ask Gilbert and he’ll educate you. Also ask about the best rums and the history of Bacardi. Later on in the tour we had the pleasure of driving around Havana where we saw important government buildings and points of historic interests. There were many parks and statues we saw and learned of leaders past. What we loved most was we were able to stop and different locations if we wanted to and Jose and Gilbert were happy to give us the history of places we found interesting. They took us to a river where we had the luck to see a small group of people at the river bank practicing an Afro - Cuban baptism which was very bizarre and left us speechless. They described the different practices that were derived from African and European cultures and how the people made Cuba what is it today. We then stopped at a little house which turned into a small restaurant in the backyard complete with live band, food, drinks and dessert. This was the best part of the tour as we were able to taste samples of Cuban food ( Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Steak, Rice and beans…etc). We tried the mojitos but enjoyed the Cuban beer more than anything. Finally, we were placed in 2 Vintage cars (50’s Chevy and Belair) which were comfortable and fun to ride around in. We soon realized these cars were actually taxis and were surprised at the amount of all the vintage cars that looked so new. The bottom line to all this is without a tour guide visiting Cuba on a cruise ship will be a waste of time because the city is not laid out in an easy to discover way. You NEED someone to take you to the important places and sites in new and old Havana. Without Jose and Gilbert we would have had no idea between what was government run and privately run businesses. Without Jose and Gilbert we would not have had the ability to drive further into Havana and experience the many local sites and actually see how people live in Cuba.

Visited: Aug 11, 2018

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by trevinoim

You GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! Don't believe any scary stories you might have heard. It was perfectly safe and the people were amazing. I can't recommend Cuba enough. Communist or no, we are so much more alike than different!

Visited: Jul 07, 2018

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by Maineswoman

Havana was the highlight of our cruise. We did the classic car tour and only paid 90 CUC for both of us! Cuba has so much to offer as well as good food and drinks! Be careful when getting money back from vendors. All CUC needs to have monuments on them. If they do not and have faces on them, they're 25% less valuable (CUP which stands for Cuban pesos). Our tour lasted about 3 1/2 hours we went to the military base, rode the strip where Fast and the Furious was filmed, saw how the "rich" and poor live and more. Our driver was Blanco he bought us churros at one of our stops, willing to take lots of pics of us with our 53 Buick convertible, just overall very nice tour and Blanco made it even better!


by kmwoody24

Everyone who has ever been intrigued by Cuba should definitely not hesitate to visit! I definitely recommend a tour guide because it is a tough city to maneuver on your own. We started our day by finding a pair of tour guides to take us around for a 3 hour tour in an old car. This was a very thorough tour with many neat sites. After the tour, we walked around Havana for a bit on our own. This was a little confusing and not as easy to navigate as most other ports. In the evening we took a tour through the ship which was a walking tour of Colonial Havana. This tour was great. We learned about architectural features, stopped and had a mojito at one of Hemingway's hangouts, and ultimately ended at Sloppy Joe's in which we experienced an authentic sandwich and a Cuba Libre.

Visited: Aug 13, 2018

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by timmelander

Cuba is an amazing venue for a photographer. It has so much history and WOW, the 1950s error Chevy's! Love them!! We took a ride in a 1951 beautiful Chevy and what a blast. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Visited: Jun 23, 2018

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by thai7usa

Most amazing experience ever! People, places, food, everything was great. It was a great cultural moment for us to learn and appreciate the little things we take for granted. We did a tour thru a local company, Fertours, and they provided us with an English speaking tour guide (Lucy) and driver (Frank). We did some walking to the squares and then drove in a classic Chevy to several Havana highlights. Please let me know if you have questions. I was stressing a bit before the trip but everything was very easy with zero complications. Just ask me and I'll answer the best I can. Just be open minded to accept the conditions Cuban people leave because beyond the dirty city, run down buildings and poverty, there's a lot of beautiful friendly people and Havana has an architectural beauty to die for. So enjoy your trip!


by bigdaddyruffin

This was my first time and Cuba but definitely won't be my last it really met my expectations it is a great City Havana the people are so friendly and want to get to know you and where you from I never one time felt unsafe are uncomfortable being out at night and any part of Havana we stayed with a great family who made us feel right at home in Chinatown yes Havana has a Chinatown. I chose to do my own excursions which I booked myself and booked my own housing through Airbnb with saved a lot of money you do not have to book your excursions through the cruise ship you just have to keep a diary of everything you do and stay within the law

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