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Originally established as a British settlement in the 17th century, Antigua certified its independence in 1981. Today, it is a vastly popular oasis, famed for its spectacular climate and 366 pristine beaches. St. John's is a splendid jewel on this tropical crown, boasting lush greenery and limitless recreation options. Take a hiking safari and be dazzled by the sights of the island at 1200 feet.

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Starfish Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua

Starfish Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua


This popular all-Inclusive resort is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a stunning turquoise sea....

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by khickman

This was by far my favorite port I have ever been too. We did the catamaran with lobster lunch. We went to 2 beach spots before the back of the boat turned into a lobster grilling station. Tables were brought out with salad and a bunch of sides. The alcohol and sodas were included. The last stop the boat couldn’t stay on the beach so we went back out into the water and were able to jump off with music playing. Those who decided to stay at the beach were able to rent jet skis. The ride back to the ship was awesome with music, Congo Line, and rum punch.


by kajay5605

Antigua is absolutely beautiful! We decided to have a beach day instead of touring the island. But our taxi driver turned our drive to and from the beach into a tour as well! The beaches are very nice and the local food is to die for. My youngest son wanted to go home with the lady cooking the food on the beach.


by mulievacay

My husband and I basically invented our own excursion lol. We took the local bus from west end bus terminal for $1.50pp to Nelson's Dockyard (don't miss the bakery behind the museum!), a water taxi ($4pp round trip) from the Dockyard across to Galleon Beach and a hiking trail (steep and hot...non-hikers be warned!) up to Shirley Heights. Shirley Heights was beautiful, and three kind British ladies showed us a different path down the mountain that went all along the rocky/cactus-lined coastline. It was stunning! Then back across on the water taxi/through the Dockyard/local bus back to the ship. We had SO MUCH FUN exploring on our own! It was a great, inexpensive day.


by axiangurl

Such an easy city to navigate via local bus. Bus is just a 5 minute walk from port. Took a bus to nelsons dockyard for $3 caribbean dollars. Water taxi to galleon beach for $2 and hiked up to shirley heights for free. Round trip with a great local meal and snacks from the market for 2 people was less than $20 total! Locals are super friendly and helpful.

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