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by Miedo18937

Just spent a day in this port. Very nice port with clean and friendly shopping just off the ship. No high pressure salesman yelling at you. Good bakery and local food joint in this area. Lots of high and medium end stores. I highly recommend renting a Jeep. Aaron Rental LTD, right next to the Avis. $90 for the day. They give you a map and the locals were very friendly and free with directions. It was an awesome adventure. We drove to Brewer’s bay. My wife and I were The only humans on the beach for the hour plus we were there. We also drove 3/4 of the island and took in some awesome views. There is one beach (Cane garden bay beach) where all the excursions go and we completely avoided the crowd.


by legnamvc601

someone knows without in tortola and virgin gorda you can get a tab says the name of the island and name of the person who says for example. Tortola Angel The tab has a white border and The letters are in white with a blue background and on the back says it was made in China?

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