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by DINO30094469

This was a really great port even though at first I thought it a little disappointing since I didn't really get to see real Haiti and experience the culture of the people. I soon changed my feelings after enjoying aqua & rollercoaster package. My entire family enjoyed the rollercoaster and scenery, the fun time on the beach and finally lunch buffet.

Visited: Aug 11, 2019

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by BnaKyle

My most favorite port so far! Finally did the zip line last trip and the views were amazing. Will be doing the roller coaster next trip just for fun! It’s a great day to relax on the beach!


by sdepew

I have been on 3 cruises and Labordee has been one of my favorite stops so far! You can just sit and relax, play in the water, zip line, or shop. Great Island!


by toddashlee

LOVED this stop!! Did the zip line which was great! They first take you to a short practice zip line. 100 yards long maybe 40 feet high. Then they bus you to the top for the big one!! The locker to store your things is not included, it’s $8 and is charged to your sea pass. Then we had lunch which they provided, which was good! It’s the same food that is on the windjammer buffet, so it’s good but not great, I enjoyed it! And we went to Nellies beach which is down about half way up the zip line just passed the private beach club on the right. It faces the island not the ocean and has NO rocks and was clear and beautiful! Best beach by far! No waves but no rocks!


by Mrio90

Also! I am unsure where people are going to say that they have to pay for chairs, but ours were completely free, provided by royal Caribbean. No umbrellas, but the palm trees provided the BEST shade 😎


by LJD1030

loved loved loved LABADEE- can't wait to go back, lunch the chairs, the activities, the water - everyone was great - and 'private' nobody that doens't belong there was there

Visited: May 17, 2018

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by KofiNaija

This is one of the most beautiful stops in the Caribbean. The mountains draping down into the ocean are spectacular. I took the free ferry from the ship to Columbus Cove. The ferry is one way. They have shuttles that will take you back to the ship or if you are relatively fit it’s not that difficult of a walk. If they have helpers out who will set up your lounge chair. I prefer the shaded areas. They have a basic buffet lunch of barbecue etc. Which is fairly mediocre. There is also a small water park with inflatables. The passage back to the ship takes you through the retail vendor area were there are several people selling souvenirs. It is really a sad setup for those guys because the location is terrible and is there little foot traffic. It's a wonder they can make a living with ships in port a few days a week for a few hours a day. I recommend that people walk through and browse and see if there's something that you can buy to help these guys out. They take cash and they have credit card machines as well they do not take seapass cards. All their prices are negotiable. They actually have some very nice artwork at pretty reasonable prices. Rather than rush by them as most people do I would suggest taking your time and strolling. They are accustomed to hearing no thanks so if you don't want to buy just simply say no thanks. I also found out that areas good just to sit in the shade because it's lots of trees covering the kiosks. And the merchants are fun to chat with even if you don't buy. All in all the Haiti Beach is a nice way to spend the day.

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