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by KristinaLBR

By far my favorite place I have ever been, It was my 5th time there and I can not get enough. It is the most beautiful and relaxing place on earth. This time around I got married on the island. It was the most romantic and exquisite place to have sure a perfect wedding! I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding!

Visited: Feb 25, 2018

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by cruiserdh

Rented an over the water cabana on Nellie's Beach. Well worth every penny that it cost! Awesome view, wonderful breeze, comfort & roomy for our group of 6 people. Cabana came with cooler of large bottles of water, beach towels, 2 lounge chairs inside of cabana, water mats and a personal cabana attendant. Would go to Haiti again in a heart beat!!!


by AmandaH33

We loved it here. We didn't do any excursions ( there is so many great options) but we just wanted to enjoy some downtime and have a lazy day on the beach. We took the advice of our Cabin Steward and got off the ship early to get a good location ( we got a front row seat and rented an umbrella for $20) Our waiter had advised us to get to lunch early and if we didn't we would probably be better off coming back onto the ship to eat. Be aware that all the lunch locations have different lunch times. We thought lunch was 12-2 as that is what we saw on a sign when we got off the ship so we headed to Columbus Cove for lunch and arrived around 12:30 and realized that lunch there was from 11:30-1:30( so be aware of the posted lunch times where you plan to eat). We didn't have much of a wait though and plenty of food & shared a table with another couple and didn't have any problems finding a spot. We spent most of our day on Nellie's beach( I believe) the beach before you get to the aqua park and the water slide. It was a little rocky( we didn't mind we had our water shoes) but we very much enjoyed snorkeling around the rocky areas around here. There were alot of little coral reefs and some beautiful fish. I wish we had more time here The island is beautiful. My husband and I walked around and explored each of the different beaches(They are all different) The people are very helpful and friendly everything was so clean. We loved it here.


by staceybrian96

At first we were a bit nervous about going to Haiti, but we were pleasantly surprised with how beautiful and safe we felt at this port. It is a private port owned by RC and you can definitely tell. The staff was friendly and entertainment was great! You do not have to bring cash for food at this port, as RC provides an included lunch for all passengers. It was a great lunch including burgers, hot dogs, pasta salads, mac and cheese, fries, ribs, chicken drum sticks, fruits, and various desserts. Lunch is served from 11:30am-1:30pm. They also have water, lemonade, iced tea, and fruit punch out for guests to serve themselves which was much needed in the heat. We did not opt to do the zip line but it looked like a lot of fun! You can watch right from the ocean which has no waves and is very calm, warm, and relaxing. It is a bit rocky, so I would recommend bringing water shoes or walking down a bit to a less rocky part of the beach. If you like to snorkel, bring your own goggle/snorkel tube and swim close to the divider in the ocean. You will see some colorful fish for free! We had no problem getting lounge chairs and the blue and white striped ones are free. We tipped $5 and got a great spot up front. There are areas of the island that the chairs are additional so just keep that in mind. We walked to where a small shopping area was on the port and were immediately taken by a local to the artisan/craft market. We did not feel the safest in that area and were being dragged around trying to be sold this and that and we told them no many times. Finally we got out of there and headed back to the port area we were before. I know they are eager to sell their goods and make money and some of the stuff is nice, however they are very pushy so beware and keep a head on your shoulders. Be firm with a "no" and they will let you go. They will bargain with you so don't just take the highest price. When docked in Labadee, make your way back onto the ship a bit early and sit in the Solarium on one of the front chairs. You won't regret it! The view is spectacular and you can see the entire port and beautiful scenery.

Visited: Jun 06, 2019

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by WiltsVaca

Labadee is absolutely beautiful!! It’s like something out of a movie. The water is so blue, and the green mountains on the back stunning!


by vina908

One of the best port!!!! The water is clear. Food was good! Activities are great specially the zip line!!!! It was an amazing experience. Pushy vendors???? I don’t think so. If you go in and try to buy something of course they will try their best to make the sales. I passed by them 4 times but no one tries to pull us in they’re just asking if you’re interested in getting something but if not they leave you alone. I would love to go back here!!!!!!


by saroser

Having spent a lot of time in Haiti I was concerned about what I would find when we arrived but I was amazed with how well Royal Caribbean did with this resort! The beach was clean and safe! The local staff were supporting the ships activities were excellent. The vendors were pushy but no more than anywhere else cruise ships go! I definitely felt safe which I rarely did when in Port Au Prince! This says something about the leadership from Royal Caribbean. I was impressed that RC fed their staff before the buffet opened. There’s a lot of starvation across Haiti and feeding people working is a great thing to do!

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