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by cupofjoe18

This was our third time at Labadee so we chose to just do a beach day. My advice for first-timers (or anyone that doesn't know) is to walk or take the tram over to Columbus Cove. Almost everyone goes to Adrenaline Beach because its the largest beach and closest to the ship. However, chairs quickly fill up and the beach is very rocky. Columbus Cove is about a 10-15 minute walk from the ship, has a beautiful sandy beach, is not full of people, and also hosts the AquaPark. Royal serves a complementary BBQ lunch on the island, and in addition to the food pavilion at Adrenaline Beach, there is also one at Columbus Cove, along with many bars. So you get a nice beach, drinks, free food, and no crowds. Perfect for us!


by julia144

The beaches in Labadee are gorgeous! The floating water park was the most fun we had all week! The food and drinks are on point like everything else done by Royal Caribbean and I loved all the little shops set up with locals. Labadee definitely has a lot to offer and is a great port with fun for everyone!


by Jzusvme

I don’t usually hang out on the beach when cruising, but this was a nice experience.They have a few different beach areas. It was a very hot and sunny day.🤗 Found a nice spot under a tree at Columbus Cove. Beach water was comforting. Plenty of lounge chairs available. The bbq ribs and chicken were very good on my day. Didn’t do any excursions. I like to shop and give back to the economy, but you have to be prepared to be sweated by the Haitians at the Flea Market if you go through that area. They have very nice goods and are very poor people. So once you buy from one get ready for others. Wish I could have spent more. Overall it was a very nice peaceful beach experience and would go there again.


by sailawaydayway

I have always avoided cruises with private islands and destinations until this one because I’m the type that never trusts the man. I was pleasantly surprised how much fun we had here going to a private island and enjoying what RC had to offer at the port. Plus the locals still found means to paddle out to us to sell us handmade trinkets and such. If that’s not your thing I understand, but this cruiser could always use a jewelry box, painting, or fridge magnet if it helps out another human being willing to work so hard for a dollar!

by Jeanette19

Royal Caribbean has truly made Labadee a beach paradise. We took the boat to the farthest beach spot. After enjoying a nice beach day, we took the tram to the market area, and then walked the rest of the way back. Haiti is gorgeous! I was mesmerized by the mountains.

Visited: Sep 23, 2018

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by oofmagoof

Best stop ever! Absolutely loved it! We will be going back again for sure! The beaches are picture perfect, the temperature was crazy hot and the zip line is a must (at least once in your life)!

Visited: May 12, 2018

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by sb8tes

Labedee is beautiful. If you want to see how beautiful it is I recommend getting up like what I call normal people. Sand is undisturbed, water is crystal clear. Zip line is well worth it (at least once). No problems with any staff or locals in the market. Everything was great.


by damiko56

I did the Dragon's Breath Flight Line. The folks running the zipline were very thorough in their instructions on what to do and expect. You do a smaller zipline first (Baby Dragon) to get a feel of what to do, then it was on to the Big One. It was the most exhilarating thing I've ever done. I am not a fan of heights and I managed to make sure i did NOT look down except when I was moving on the zipline and WOW when looking below at the water and beaches...WHAT A VIEW!!!!!

Visited: Jun 14, 2018

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by Nina2827

Awesome time in Labadee, since its private owned I saw some familiar faces at the bar and live band since they work on the cruise. There was plenty of beach chairs so I'm glad I didnt end up buying one... I just moved my free chair under a tree for some shade lol. The beach was great, food was plentiful.

by fsurob15

Royal Caribbean has an exclusive port here until the year 2050. It is a beautiful piece of Haiti. The water is stunning in color and the mountains are rugged and majestic. There is a small village there accessible mainly by boat as there are very few roads. The villagers make their living fishing, farming and from the cruise line. Take some cash with you to trade in goods and for tips to the musicians. I selected the speedboat and snorkel tour. It is best, as you are only in a small group, the boat goes fun fast and the snorkeling was better than the reviews. The water is so clear and the area you drop in is only about 5-6 feet deep. But you get lead into deeper and deeper water where the reefs and coral are easily seen. There are places where you can dive down 15-20 feet in between formations like going into a canyon. You eventually make your way to the edge where the drop off is about 40-60 feet into the bluest blue. Lots of tropical fish, so you might find Nemo. The guides were terrific. Once you are back in the boat, you speed away to Acul Bay where Columbus discovered the Haitian people. Once he left, it was near here where he lost the Santa Maria to a storm. Lots of history in this area. There are so many excursions here, and I would say it is the best stop on this trip. It has it all, along with natural beauty from the water and island. The crew from the boat provides a great lunch on shore, so keep your appetite as the food was very good. A beach bar b que or burgers, ribs and chicken. This is the stop you dream of for cruises in my opinion. No pushy shop owners, just relaxing times and a few locals who appreciate you being there. One of our guides is born and raised there.

Visited: Jul 02, 2017

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