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About Whittier (Anchorage), Alaska

Whittier serves as a gateway to the glacier- and wildlife-filled Prince William Sound and it is now experiencing a Gold Rush of sorts as an alternative embarkation and disembarkation port to ship-crowded Seward.

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Easiest disembarkation ever! If you flying out of Anchorage we highly recommend booking your travel to the airport on Alaska Cruise Transportation. They were amazing! We booked the package that included a couple of scenic stops on the way to Anchorage including at the Wildlife Park where we could get out and see some of the native animals to Alaska. The drive and tour guide were both amazing and made the somewhat long journey go by incredibly fast.

Visited: May 16, 2018

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Beautiful city, easy to get around. Stayed at the best place Anchorage Downtown. Staff were amazing. Snow City Cafe is a must go! Tram tour also great & the markets were really interesting.


We only went from the train to the ship. One of the highlights of the trip was the domed train that we went from Denali Park to Whittier. It was scenic, comfortable and the food was great

Visited: Jul 23, 2016

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It was fine. People have to realize Whittier is simply a port, not a shopping mall. You don’t have much at any port. Transition from the train to ship was easy. They had cruise personnel on the train before we got to the ship explaining things to us and checking us in before we got to the ship. The train ride was beautiful. You get to see God’s handy work before you!!


Went directly to the train that took us to Talkeetna, a small town that the TV show "Northern Exposure" was based on. Had lunch then caught the bus to the Princess Mt. McKinley Lodge.

Visited: Jun 06, 2018

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