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About Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is considered Alaska's most beautiful seaside town, with views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water's edge. Sitka offers a combination of Native culture, Russian history, and Alaskan wilderness which provides a diverse and unequaled Alaskan experience. The mild climate and dense forests make Sitka one of the best places to view wildlife in Alaska.

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My favorite stop, great weather and lots of wildlife, went on the Otters Raptors and Bears Oh My tour and it was absolutely amazing saw so much wildlife.

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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Absolutely loved Sitka. Was able to walk around town a bit before it was time to go on my excursion. Loved that this port wasn’t just the same shops as at every other port. The people in all the shops were really friendly and helpful when I was trying to find the shop where I was supposed to meet my friends. Went on an amazing hike in the Tongass National Forest with very informative guides. If I could move to any town we visited in Alaska, it would be Sitka. Actually checked to see if there were any job postings there when I got home from my cruise 😜

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