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by hummerdude

Had a blast here. Beautiful and so well maintained. A paradise, and the people were so nice. But we wish we could have stayed here longer also.


by Indy1

Took the tour that included a brief stop at the Russian Orthodox Church where they have beautiful icons other beautifully adorned items, and the tourist shops in 'downtown' Sitka and also went to a museum just outside of 'downtown'. We got to the museum and while the museum was nice and the adjacent woods very nice, we were anxious to get a move on and so we didn't stay for the dance party of the tour. We took off from that stop on the tour and walked back to the downtown area which is very close and is an easy walk with nice views. When we got back to town we decided to try a raindeer sausage from a couple of gals who sold them next to a shop. It was really good but i can't vouch for sure it wasn't a bratwurst. The tourist shops seemed to have a good variety of merchandise at decent prices and the town wasn't overloaded with shops selling diamonds and tanzanites. We caught one of the shuttle buses that goes back to the ship on a street closer to the water than the main tourist strip.

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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by Canneranner

Absolutely loved Sitka. Was able to walk around town a bit before it was time to go on my excursion. Loved that this port wasn’t just the same shops as at every other port. The people in all the shops were really friendly and helpful when I was trying to find the shop where I was supposed to meet my friends. Went on an amazing hike in the Tongass National Forest with very informative guides. If I could move to any town we visited in Alaska, it would be Sitka. Actually checked to see if there were any job postings there when I got home from my cruise 😜

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