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Have been to Icy Straight Point several times. Take a walk around the gravel walkway you will discover a entrance to a piece of Boreal Forest and when you step into it you will know there is something special about it. On one trip they gave us two little pieces of cedar an a coin. While walking around there is a native guarding a fire if you make a wish an burn your cedar it might come true. The old cannery was neat an you can get a can fill it with whatever trinkets toys that on this big table an pay 16.00 they seal the can and you mail it from there to your kids.grandkids or yourself. You will need a can opener to get in. There is a restaurant with a 6 ft log or two burning an good food. Fishing is great from the shore where u will find me. There is a village about one an a half mile walk through the forest if you care. The cannery has artisans in it also. An killer whales come by all the time. Hope this helps


Found a place in Hoonah call The Office Bar and had delicious crabs for a reasonable price. Very friendly town. Icy Straight was great also for shopping

Visited: Jul 13, 2018

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One of our favorite ports! We wandered into the big lodge that houses the Smokehouse. We got a drink and warmed up by the big fireplace. Free wifi. We walked the Nature trail and collected shells and rocks. We took the bus to Hoonah and had a beer at the ISP Brewing company. (The local bar looked sketchy.) we walked back to ISP area. It is so cute! We walked through old cannery... make sure to get some SalvationArmy mini donuts! A great low-budget fab day!

Visited: May 26, 2017

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We loved this port. Friendly and clean. A shuttle runs from Icy Strait Point into the little town of Hoonah for $2 one way. Not a lot to see there but it was interesting to watch a totem being carved which will represent the story of how the native people settled in Hoonah. Icy Strait Point has lots of gift shops in the old cannery and a huge zip line which we didn't try.

Visited: Jul 24, 2017

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We really liked it but you should get some excursion here as it's pretty remote. We booked the ATV ride but i didn't book it soon enough and the 11 a.m. ride was cancelled and so we went on the bear tour. Here you take a ride on a bus through town and then to some remote area and you go for a very asy walk on a maintained trail through the woods. There we saw 4 bears, one lone older male coastal bear coming up from the water into the woods, and we also saw a mother bear with 2 cubs. On the way back to the ship we went over a bridge and stopped because there was a bear in the river up a aways from us that someone spotted... We sat there for a bit and that bear came closer and closer to the bridge and finally went beneath us. There was another bear also that was a bit downriver from us. If you want to see bears meandering around, this is a good your for that. Watch your step on the trail...bears do poop in the woods and profusely. Very pleased with the tour.

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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