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Tracy Arm, a classic fjord, has it all: snow capped peaks, shear rock palisades, rainbows and tidewater glaciers. Drift among icebergs and waterfalls that cascade 1,000's of feet for the most close-up view of Sawyer Glacier. You'll see incredible mountains and emerald green water, and be able to watch for whales, bear, eagles and mountain goats, and seals

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Very cool! Note that most people will stand in front waiting for pictures. If you go to the back you can sit in chairs with blankets and enjoy the ride up. We got breakfast from the buffet and took out back. The captain will swing the boat around when leaving and you will have an unobstructed private view!


I can't even begin to describe how utterly gorgeous it is. I honestly wasnt expecting much. But as I opened my curtains as the tour began my jaw dropped. Even saw a bear!


Any opportunity to see the glaciers from the water is something not to be missed during your cruise. Most lines have a naturalist on board for this part of the trip. You will learn how massive and far reaching the ice fields are. You will hear the resounding "rifle shot" of the glacier calving, the roar of the ice crashing to the water and, sometimes, ride the swell created by the massive chunk of ice.


This was one of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen. I’ve always Been told that some of God’s most amazing Work was created in Alaska after going through here I believe it


Due to the time difference and the fact we were going to be there so early I actually planned on sleeping through it...... that would have been a BIG mistake Captain made an announcement and I got up and checked it out. Once I opened our curtains my mouth dropped. One of the highlights of the trip! Gorgeous!!!!

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