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Surrounded by all the beauty and activities of Alaska, Anchorage offers a unique blend of spectacular scenery, Russian and Native heritage, Alaskan adventure and big city amenities. Anchorage is a city of contrast and variety. After a day of dogsledding, you can dine at a four-star restaurant. The next day, you can find yourself cross-country skiing the same trails used by the U.S. Olympic team.

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We did the 26 Glacier tour with Phillips cruises via Holland America and it was spectacular scenery. Needless to say we saw plenty of glaciers. We also saw a whale out there in Prince William sound. We got some spectacular photos even though it was cloudy most of the time. You're assigned seating at booths that accommodate 6 people... Don't worry if you're in the middle as you'll only be required to sit there before launch and during lunch which has two options and we opened for the chowder and it was good and there's more that comes with it including a delicious warm chocolate cookie afterwards. There are hot drinks onboard and you can also purchase other foods and alcohol and also a gift area. The craft is jet propelled like a Sea-Doo so it's a very smooth ride. You can go inside or outside, up or down. The bathrooms were clean. We also saw seals and otters. This was our favorite excursion that we took and you won't be disappointed. Bring a camera for sure!

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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There is lots to do here. This was my third time in Anchorage. Cruise line provided shuttle busses to the central district from the pier. A lot of shopping, museums, activities, and some museums have free shuttles that depart from the Log Cabin Visitors Center which is very close to where the bus from the pier dropped us off. Recommend the museum at the Federal Building, as well as the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Also recommend lunch at the F-Street Tavern. Great fresh home made food, cold drinks, great service, and less than a blocks walk from the visitor center tram pickup point. I make it a point to stop by when I am in Anchorage.


Denali - DogGoneIt Tours. Visited with Mike and Caitlin and their sled dogs tonight. Absolutely amazing - great people, wonderful dogs, and so much to learn. If you are doing land tour to Denali, try to include this tour.


Holland provided free shuttle to center downtown area. Rented a car at Avis downtown and headed to Wasilla area and then back to Earthquake Park and airport area to spy for moose.

Visited: Jul 02, 2018

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