Why is the photo business on Carnival stuck in the 90s?

So my husband and I have been on two Carnival cruises so far. We have been stunned both times by the way in which the photo business is operated. First, they print EVERY single photo taken. WHY? What a waste of paper and ink! Then, when you want to find your photos you search and search on a vast wall of other people's photos. Then, when you find some you want to purchase, even the simplest, most candid shots are very expensive. My husband and I want to know....why don't they have a couple of computer kiosks where people can look up there photos on a screen? They can select which ones they want printed and everyone can save money with all the endless printing. Think about how many thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures are thrown away every day and how that could easily be avoided with technology that is readily available. Does anyone know why they still do this?

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As a fan of the picture set up they use. I will tell you that by having something in your hands will sell better than something on a screen. Monique and I buy the pictures all the time, but we budget for it as well. On Princess and NCL I received a Disk of all the pictures taken as well.

I have a few disks like that.

I know that sooner or later the system will be automated as the agents who bid and operate the photo studios will eventually be forced there just to make the bucks needed to operate.

NCL up untill very recently (I heard just this week) used to be the same. Take many pictures and print them all and then you browse them in the display area. However they have now gone digital and instead of printing will now have digital screens to view all pictures and will only print the ones that people select and pay for. This is actually a good thing as there are the environmental aspects as well as the cost savings in paper and ink. I also prefer the idea of digitally viewing the pictures. Now if they really want to get progressive they need to offer the viewing on one of the channels and allow passengers to view the pictures in the comfort of their cabin.

Great idea.... Send that to the marketing eggheads at corporate cruise line headquarters. Maybe if they give you a code to punch in on the TV remote.....

I will go for that....... Maybe---also a ship board app to download to your smart phone to view and select?

Royal does the same thing. I think that they can sell you more if you don't have the "self or semi self serve option. Plus, other cruisers like to look at everyone's pictures.

Yes! We said the same thing oldgreywolf....even about viewing in our room. We overheard several other people suggest this also.

I also had that thought Johngold, that maybe they think they will sell more because people will say "oh well, its already printed". Maybe....but from a 100% business standpoint, you would have to compare that "sell more" against "cost of producing all those that don't sell". I would have to imagine that sometimes this formula works against them.

I bought some as a one of our splurge items because several did come out nicely. However, I would have bought more if they were a bit cheaper. Here again, Carnival maybe able to make up in volume (more people buying more) even if they have to lower the price. I just couldn't help but catch my breath over the waste and then think "don't print half these pics that people are throwing in the trash and then you can afford to charge a little less."

Royal does have the kiosques and even options to buy the jump drive-- but the price is expensive! My BF got sticker shock over some of the prices. I was pleasantly surprised by the update since the last time I cruised they had the same print everything out lay out.

The problem I see with viewing in the room is the rime factor..... each photo will have to be coded when taken so it gets to your TV or your file. Think of all the extra time when boarding the ship or getting off in a port if they need your sign and sail card to code each photo of the 1000's of people ahead of you. As is I walk around the photo taking when getting on or off the ship, pre-sorting them will just make lines longer.

I think the cost versus sales thing may come into it.

Now on our cruises we spoke to one of the photogs, that's how we got all our photos.

But they are in business to make money and I'm sure they do, so the formula they use must work.

Not necessarily. It can be handled the same as present or the way the various corporate photo-booth sites do it. For each day or event there is a link or button to push. This shows all pics from that day / event / outing and you scan through and select what you want. Not much different from now where you browse them all in the gallery grouped by day / event. And since you are already in your room it is very easy to charge the right account.

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