So it struck me as people were saying "I'll be gold next cruise" or "I'm platinum" that if you are like me, and have not had a chance to explore other cruise lines or just have cruised with one, that you do not know or understand the other lines level of rewards or loyalty program. 


I've only been on Royal and its called the Crown and Anchor Society they go from Gold>Platinum>Emerald>Diamond>Diamond Plus>Pinnacale Club 

RCI changed their earnings a while ago and it goes now you get one cruise point for every night you cruise. 


Carnival has VIFP and some similar and different. At work, I rarely see the Diamond colored cards


Same thing, one point for one day cruising. 


So I looked up Celebrity and Princess while I was at it. ..Celebrity and their "Captain's Club" goes Preview>Classic>Select>Elite>Elite Plus>Zenith

I found this interesting... It's first based on your cabin type and that is points then per day. The higher the stateroom category, the more points... Seems logical...


Princess has Captain's Circle. Nice little note I found "Each time you book and sail in a full suite or sail alone in a cabin in which you pay the exclusive occupancy fare we will count it as two cruises!" Their levels are minimalistic though and I would think hard to move up in ranks... 



Lastly Can't forget Holland America and their program the Mariner society. Much simpler and easy to follow.... STARS!! One through Five stars. They call it the most generous cruise program there. 


So.. I know I may have missed a cruise line, so feel free to add.... But who do you think has the best program to build status in and most generous program out there?