Judge threatens to stop Carnival from docking in the U.S.


Surprised Just in time for my cruise.. she better not do it!! I might go off the deep end if our cruise is cancelled

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If the article is true in the accusations, what should be done?

From the little bit revealed in the news report, it seems they are already violating a court order of probation, ontop of continuing to dump grey water where they shouldnt be...Obviously the $40million fine didnt make them change their operation...

"Just in time for my cruise.. she better not do it!! I might go off the deep end if our cruise is cancelled...."...…. "From the little bit revealed..." ….what theres more? It can get worse?? and at the risk of upsetting a fellow cruiser, looks to me like this Judge has it exactly right. Sorry, if 40m doesn't do it, mebbe 100m or lost docking privileges might...its kind of hard to impute PERSONAL liability on Corporate POS's, but it has and can be done. The shareholders might have a lil something to say about it too . Instead of worrying that your cruise might be cancelled...how about you take a stand and cancel it yourself? mebbe book elsewhere... never mind, I forgot where I am...we get all a twitter about cruise ships having fender benders, or declining food quality...BUT THIS???? BAH!! Im sure a lot of folks could care less...

I was right and wrong all at the same time...their stock is UP /.25 on the day so far...their market cap is over 36B...and that article apparently is in MANY outlets, especially it seems, cruise ports...eventually, it just might "sink" in....or not...

I did not book this trip, my parents did. If it was my money I would cancel and book elsewhere...

I have sent this to my folks and hope that they can figure something out. Our whole family has been looking forward to this for over a year now. I am just frustrated because every time it seems I get a break or a day to myself, or a vacation something happens and I don't get to have said break, day to myself, or vacation. It gets rather old after a while.

Im sure with a bit more research, I could find more.


I did more research. I am now thoroughly disgusted with Carnival/Princess. Carnival was not dumping JUST Grey Water (Sink/Shower drainwater. Toilet water is considered Black Water) they were dumping. The dumping of grey water is permitted in certain areas, as long as the Fecal bacteria content is below a certain threshold. They were pumping their bilge water, contaminated with Oil, fuel, and other chemicals INTO their grey water system to allow them to dump it into the ocean. Then, they were falsifying their records.Also, this is not the first time that Carnival has been fined for violating Pollution standards.

HOWEVER. Carnival/Princess is not the only line guilty of doing so. Royal Caribbean was issued multiple fines for similar infractions in the late 1990's, Norwegian in 2002 for similar infractions, and MSC in 2015 for dumping garbage bags at sea.

Sorry, that came out worse than it was intended...nothing personal...I remember having days like that, or weeks, or months or even years...the people you SHOULD be venting at are the pooh bahs at CARNIVAL...unfortunately, $$$ is the only way to get their attention...I'll bet every single one has a golden parachute...they can only be fired for cause, and even that would lead to another lawsuit...watch them try to fob it off on someone way down the ladder...you know what flows downhill....some things never change...

I somehow doubt that a ban from US ports will fly very far for very long and I think it is the wrong way to approach this. First most ports will fight this because of lost revenue. many ports have built fancy new terminals for these very ships. Second the outcry from the general public will have many a politician scrambling to cover their backsides so they can protect their phony baloney jobs.

If the just really had a backbone and was not just rattling her sabre she would drag the company officials up before her holding them personally responsible for the acts of their company and then if they choose to thumb their nose or give token compliance throw them in lock up as she said she would like to.

Problem is ... we all know the corporations run the world and the guys at the top will not be doing time. They have well thought out plans made by their large banks of lawyers that would tie things up in proceedings for so long that nothing would ever come of it.

Just go into google, and search [Certain Cruise Line] Fined.

Hopefully with the push by Carnival and RCI to move towards LNG and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology with their new ships, there will be a move across the industry to minimize the environmental impact

Oh, I didn't take it personal at all!! It takes a lot to get to me.. I just really need a vacation. This momma hasn't slept well in 5 years lol

Something tells me, not much will happen. However, if all the environmentalist get on board and apply pressure to their elected officials, I'm sure someone will wake up to the attention. It's not just Carnival ships that dump. And I have seen myself what a bilge dump can do to a local harbour. Now, look at it on a scale from Canada and the U.S. port cities point of view. The vast amount of money involved will at least attract some attention.

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