My wife and I were on the Carnival Pride cruise to the Bahamas, May 25, 2010. The cruise was great. One problem arouse, but not with us. At the 1:30 pm scheduled departing time to leave Freeport bound for home, there were 3 passengers who didn't board, although the Captain gave them plenty of time to get back to the ship. Back at the ship early from our excursion, we watched the throng of cruisers in line, as they snaked slowly back onboard ship. 5 people's names werer called over the intercom system to report to the Purser's Office. 3 straglers arrived about 15 minutes later. We waited a bit longer and finally left port, I recollect around 2:10 pm. Nobody arrived at the dock as we left, and nobody came to the ship by launch as we left Freeport harbor. The Harbor Pilot left the ship by launch. We watched as Freeport Harbor receeded into the distance. Still nobody motored up to the ship and boarded. We had, in fact, left 2 cruisers behind at Freeport. Hopefully, they had money and passports with them in order to get airline tickets home. Our next port of call, and the end of the cruise was home, Baltimore. We were later told, in a passenger information meeting, that they had indeed got on board. We believe this was only said to appease the passengers, as they couldn't have boarded; we were watching everything that was going on in the harbor and beside the ship until the harbor was out of sight. So, don't be late getting back to the ship or at least carry your passports and enough money to get home.