We decided to get a group together for a short cruise, and picked the Inspiration as Tampa is an easy port to fly in and out of. We had a fabulous time with our friends, but the service on that ship was much less than average. We cruise quite a bit and were not used to the cabin service. Never even found the steward till the 2nd day, He never introduced himself. Didn't get any ice in our cabin at all, we had to call for it. Finally by the 3rd day, he brought it without being asked.
When we tried to meet and dine in the dining room, the check in lady was quite rude each time. If we told her we had say 12 people eating at that sitting and 11 were with us (with one in the restroom) she would make us stand and wait before seating us. She was just very rude.
The only good thing on the ship was we had a great waiter in the dinning room. It's not a ship or line I do often, and would not do this ship again.