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Began cruising in 2009 and have been on 3 cruises in the first year. One cruise with each Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.


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Carnival Freedom

May 2010 - Carnival Freedom to Caribbean - Western

My wife and I recently...

My wife and I recently went on a cruise for our nephew's graduation from high school. We went on two cruises last year for the first time and had such a great time and memorable experience. He heard all about our trips that he decided a cruise is what he wanted to do for his recent achievement. This cruise, for my wife and I, turned out to be anything but great and memorable. For a six day cruise five of those days were spent dealing with customer relations regarding two issues which were never resolved. I will not bore anyone with the details but I will say that this was the first time and last time I will ever use Carnival Cruise Lines for any of my future cruises. The guest relations department was far from concerned about working with us to resolve our issues. In my opinion they were never compassionate to our feelings of being upset on a cruise that was supposed to be a fun celebration. At one point an officer of the ship asked how we were doing and how our cruise was going, so my wife and I explained our situation for what seemed the hundredth time and the response we received was very unsettling. The officer turned and stated; Sorry to hear about that, have a good day. For plastering the title of 'The Fun Ships' all over the travel industry I would have expected to have fun but the fun never happened, at least not on the ship. When we returned I tried contacting the cooperate offices and was told they would not talk to me I had to go through my agent and they would only talk to the agency. This was the last straw as all the issues we experienced never involved the travel agency. They were all directly involving us and the cruise line. All I wanted was a simple we are sorry for the inconvenience(s), how can we assist you; but not once in the estimated fifteen hours of our cruise did we ever hear those simple comforting words from anyone at Carnival. Not even an officer of the ship. All we received was rehearsed excuses and reasons why the issues were our fault. Blame the customer seems to be a hidden practice of Carnival. I will never use Carnival for future cruises, nor recommend them to any of my friends or family.

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