Let me start by saying that yes, we are American cruisers and we have sailed on Princess twice. I truly feel your favoritism remark towards Americans sailing on Princess is without validity. Princess, as with all cruise lines really do not care where you come from as long as you support their bottom line. Cruise lines strive to provide the best cruise possible so that you would want to come back to sail with them again. I would suggest you write a letter to the Princess corporate offices explaining your dissatisfaction with your cruise. It may take up to three months to get a response but in most cases, they will provide you with not only an apology but amenities to use towards your next booking with them if you have a change of mind. If this was your first sailing with Princess, don't let it set the tone of future sailings with them as you can have a negative experience on just about any ship or line. Try researching more for your personal preferences and read some current reviews before booking your next cruise. Good luck.