Carnival and Royal Receive Rave Reviews During Harvey

hurricane harvey cruise lines handle carnival
Harvey bears down on Texas. - Photo by Saja Kadrijevic

With the Port of Galveston closed for a full week due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, we expected to receive many angry, dissatisfied reviews from the thousands of cruisers "trapped" on the four cruise ships that couldn't return to their home port. Surprisingly, nearly all of the reviews have been 4 to 5 stars, with none lower than 3.6. By all accounts, it looks like Carnival and Royal Caribbean did a fantastic job of taking care of their guests during their extended cruises.

Liberty of the Seas

liberty of the seas hurricane harvey

Photo by Royal Caribbean

"The captain James held several captain corners to keep us informed about the ship direction and answered questions. I believe [that] Royal Caribbean provided us with excellent service during this difficult time. They tried to calm down all of passengers during this chaotic situation. On 8/29, the CEO welcomed us in the air when the ship arrived on Miami port. It really cheers us up." - Cruiser30289568 (Read Review)


"Well we actually disembarked in Miami this year due to Hurricane Harvey. It was fine and the CEO of Royal Caribbean came aboard to ask if we had been treated well, during the extra days at sea. Everyone was very accommodating and friendly." - jeffaugust88 (Read Review)


"The ship staff had to deal with a hurricane that kept the ship from docking and the [disembarkation] was very lengthy and disorganized but in all fairness to them they hadn't had to deal with something like this before. The staff were reporting conflicting procedures and policy. Many passengers had to visit the medical facilities due to running out of medicines and were forced to pay an office visit cost of $80, which should have been waived in our opinion." - Blandone (Read Review)


Carnival Breeze

carnival breeze hurricane harvey

Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

"I am so impressed with Carnival Cruise Line. I have been aboard the Carnival Breeze for the past 13 days which started as a 7 day cruise. Because of hurricane Harvey our trip was rerouted and we ended visiting our sites backwards. Going around Harvey was a scary night; the boat was rocking and the wind was blowing but we made it safely around and continued on our voyage. The cruise line did everything in the power to make us at ease, opening wifi for all passengers to phone home, and were very accommodating. They felt it best to keep us ok Cozumel overnight and leave for Galveston the next day allowing the storm time to pass. On our way back to Galveston we were then informed that Galveston was still being hit by heavy rains and storms and so our route was again rerouted for New Orleans, allowing passengers to disembark if they chose. I wanted to but had to way to get to Houston as buses, planes and cars were not able to enter the city. We spent 4 days there and I am now heading home. We are supposed to port in Galveston tomorrow morning and be reunited with our families and see the damage now for the first time. For a first cruise, first time out of the country and first time ever doing a girls trip away from my baby, and with all the added stress I can honestly say that carnival is a wonderful way to cruise and the only company I plan to cruise with ever. Thank y'all for making us your number one priority in safety and for also making this voyage what will always be unforgettable but pleasant as well." - kandelle (Read Review)


"Our 7 day cruise ended up being 13 days. Carnival went out of their [way] for everyone. We have cruised with Carnival 7 times and would recommend them to anyone. It was sunny every day we just had to wait for Galveston Port to open, if you wanted to leave early they would take you to the airport for free when we ported, and also had free shuttles at every port... We have always had fun on every cruse with Carnival." - LenBranch (Read Review)


"Although the leg of our journey had a couple of downs the Captain and Senior officer Crew kept us safe during Hurricane Harvey. The cruise director and staff planned plenty of activities and we were informed when they were on the status of our cars in Galveston and offered free phone and wifi for us to call home. food was aplenty and good as always. as for as Carnival during this trying time you could not have asked for better during this crisis. On behalf of my family and myself, Thank you Carnival for Keeping us safe and informed." - TraceyS (Read Review)



Carnival Valor

hurricane harvey carnival valor

Photo by Carnival

"A great 5 day scheduled, but 12 day cruise with an unscheduled port in New Orleans, twice, all due to Hurricane Harvey's landfall near our disembarkation port. The crew did great keeping us entertained." - DanDaMan1 (Read Review)


Carnival Freedom

carnival freedom hurricane harvey

Photo by Carnival

"Because of Hurricane Harvey we were on the ship for 13 days. The is no way I can say how good Carnival was to us. First they kept us safe by staying away from the storm. They brought on new entertainers, kept us fed and active. We were treated so well by Carnival we will never ever cruise any other brand." - jerryrwallace (Read Review)

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