12 New Year's Cruise Resolutions

cruise resolutions
Make 2017 your best cruise year yet. - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Sticking to the resolutions you make can improve the quality of your life, and the same is true for your vacations. We compiled a list of New Year’s cruise resolutions--plus some tips on how to keep them-- so you can get the most out of your time at sea. How many can you keep?

chair hog cruise resolutions
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1. I won’t hog deck chairs.

It drives cruisers insane when there are more chairs occupied by towels than people, so don’t contribute to the cycle.

overpay on fare cruise resolutions
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2. I won’t overpay on my fare.

Scratch that, don’t even pay full price on a fare. With just a little bit of searching, you can find deals of up to 70% off. And after you’ve booked, sign up for price alerts so if the price drops any further, you can get a refund for the difference.

fitness class cruise resolutions
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3. I will get some exercise on my cruise.

Whether it’s fitness classes or taking the stairs, a little bit of exercise can help mitigate the excesses of your vacation.

sunset bar
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4. I will make friends with other cruisers.

Not the kind of person who can just start talking to a bunch of strangers? Join one of our roll calls and start chatting with dozens of other cruisers before you board.

suitcase pack light cruise resolutions
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5. I will pack lighter.

Don’t pack more than the essentials, and make sure you can’t get what you need on the ship.

new cruise line ships
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6. I will try a new cruise line.

We respect the loyalty, but sticking to the same line can be kind of like always staying in the same hotel whenever you travel to a new city: safe, but somewhat boring. Broaden your horizons by comparing the strengths of the lines or taking our Cruise Line Quiz.

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new port cruise resolutions
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7. I will sail to a new port.

Cruising makes exploring easy, so change up your itinerary and find a new port to sail to.

cruise ship construction
Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines

8. I will learn more about cruise ships.

You may know the best restaurants and entertainment onboard, but how much do you really know about the inner workings of the ship? Study up here, and take this ship quiz to test your knowledge.

cruise checklist
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9. I will start preparing for my cruise in advance.

No more scrambling around a few days before your cruise to make sure everything is in order. Use this checklist to start getting ready a full month before you set sail.

cruise ship leaving
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10. I will get back to ship on time.

Make sure you know exactly when you need to be back on the ship (remember that ship time and shore time can be different) and get there at least half an hour before, lest you wind up like these folks.

cruise ship staff
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11. I will recognize the crew for their hard work.

Crew members work hard to give you a good vacation and tipping properly is the best possible way of saying thanks.

cruise travel insurance
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12. I will strongly consider protecting my cruise investment.

We regularly get reviews from members who booked a cruise and never got off dry land thanks to a missed flight or a forgotten passport. Do yourself a favor, and at least consider buying travel insurance for your cruise.



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