10 Most Entertaining Pier Runners

miss the cruise ship pier runner
No matter how important you are, the ship will not come back for you. - Photo by Iakov Kalinin

It is said that wise men learn from their mistakes, but wiser men learn from the mistakes of others. Do yourself a favor, and don't be like these people:

Video by paulmckk

10. Wrong Way Runner

When they hold the ship over an hour because you’re late, it’s no surprise you’re met with a chorus of boos when you return. You’d best head in the right direction on the dock, though, or the chants could get even worse.

Did they make it? Yes!

Video by Huguette Groce

9. Jamaica Me Late

Jamaica can be relaxing and carefree, but you’d better be on time back to the dock, mon, as the Captain isn’t on island time and has a schedule to keep.

Did they make it? Nope.

Video by The Nautical Traveler

8. Day Late & a Dollar Short

Spent a bit too much time in Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West and missed your ship? No problem! Just buy an expensive plane ticket— or swim — to the Bahamas and reboard at the next stop!

Did they make it? Technically, Yes.

Video by PortFever

7. Doing it the Hard Way

If you miss your ship in Bermuda, they just might let you back aboard the hard way. Hope you’re in shape, though, as this isn’t the ropes course that they advertise on Norwegian Breakaway.

Did they make it? Yes!


Video by hckmba

6. Full Moon on the Dock

You’re late getting back, and there’s two ships full of people watching and cheering you on as you run down the pier. What do you do? Put on a show, of course!

Did they make it? Yes!




Video by darthfrosty

5. Bahama Mama Misses the Boat

The Captain said everyone must be back aboard by 1:30 in Nassau. That means it’s OK for you to get back at 2:30, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. But that’s all right, it’s better in the Bahamas, and it looks like you might be staying a while.

Did they make it? Definitely not.

Video by neurocat2k

4. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

You’ve had a bit too much to drink in St. Thomas and are struggling to get back to the ship on time. What do you do? Just lean on me.

Did they make it? Yes. With lots of help.

Video by elldav7

3. The Pier is Measured in Feet, Not Yards

When you’re strolling back to the pier in Cozumel carrying your yard of beer, you’d best get a move on. Come on, hustle!

Did she make it? Yes!

Video by Iamthebosslady

2. Why Run When You Can Ride?

Some people think outside the box. Save a few steps and leave the work to someone else.

Did they make it? Yes!


Video by Chad Milburn

1. Wait! We're Here!

You can shout, jump up and down and wave all you want, but as the expression goes, “Sorry, that ship has sailed.”

Did they make it? Not a chance.


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