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Feb 03, 2015

Use the marina (sailing, kayaking and snorkeling)

Dec 30, 2017

there are lounge chairs on bridge deck forward that always seemed to be empty

Sep 25, 2017

This is a warm weather destination ship. Designed for warm weather and life on the deck. If you have rain or inclement weather, it feels small and congested.

May 20, 2017

High quality and great service.

Jan 25, 2017

make sure you keep track of your on-board allowances so you don't loose them at the end of the trip select a cabin with portholes avoiding outside ladders

Dec 26, 2016

Great to be able to swim from the rear "marina". Don't miss it.

Oct 31, 2016

Realize this is not luxury cruising before you go and then head to the Compass Rose bar for a drink.

Jul 07, 2015

Bring your own swimming goggles and snorkling gear as they are not available on board the ship.

Sep 09, 2013

Go to breakfast early and dinner on the later side as 6:30-7pm is very business and rushed.

Oct 03, 2018

Small ship with very few to no activities during the day, don't think about this cruise if you're looking forward to bingo and shuffleboard.

Sep 04, 2018

Rooms style/sizes do not vary unless you are on the top deck.

Jul 12, 2018

Not your typical Cruise. Much more intimate !

Jun 24, 2018

If you want a ship with lots of activities, do not sail with Windstar. If you want a small ship experience that goes to interesting ports, quite often those ports the large ships do not go to, and you want a friendly staff and enjoy looking at lovely sunsets and the stars at night, then Windstar is for you.

May 13, 2018

The cabin on the second floor was extremely well laid-out. The only drawback was that there was no balcony, only a porthole. Since we only slept and got dressed in our stateroon, it wasn't a big deal and part of the bargain for having a smaller, more intimate cruise vessel.

Apr 16, 2018

Do it, it was so different to a cruise ship. Atmosphere is very relaxed Nd you are know by name by everyone, how, I don’t know! experience an open Bridge where you really can talk about the route, weather And see what a working bright feels like. Be part of a working yatch and really get to know other passengers. Take lots of books to read, sewing, painting etc to fill your days. Yoga and Pilates and stretches are not charged for.

Jan 30, 2018

The ship does not not dock at ports of call. You must go down a flight of ten steps to a platform on the rocking ship and transfer down another couple of steps into a rocking tender. Don't know what happens at the other end of the trip as I have limited mobility, was not informed of this feature of the cruise, and was unable to leave the ship for an entire week.

Aug 16, 2017

Keep going back

Mar 15, 2016

300 pass., good size for value and embarking/disembarking. Ship is in very good shape, recent renovation, but some old design issues hold it back from being "perfect". Terrific crew, food mostly great. Free non-alcoholic "smoothies" all the time, poolside. Internet $$$ - sold by MB's, not time.

Jan 19, 2016

On this trip, the sailing catamaran excursions were super, especially in St. Barts. The champagne snorkeling adventure on Dominica was fabulous, the Dive Shop (AL Dive) crew who were safety conscious above all else, but who made sure everyone had a great time, could not have been better.

Jan 19, 2016

only tip i can give- go on her give it a try, you wont regret!!!