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10 Viking Atla Tips


Aug 27, 2014

Book a cabin near the reception area.


Aug 20, 2016

Inquire about the daily schedules in advance of departure. We would have arrived in Budapest a day early if we had known there was such a short time there. had we known other cities were half day stops we may have arranged our schedule differently.


May 31, 2017

A couple of things that I would have done differently, include; done research on local stops (would have mapped it out for myself before hitting land) before heading overseas!! ... ... Also, would suggest extending your stay in Europe beyond the cruise!!!


Jul 18, 2014

Don't expect walking track to be available as much as you like. Also, showers are not for overweight people...too small.


Dec 15, 2015

We actually sailed on the Viking Jarl. The ships are identical except for minor differences in decor.


Sep 17, 2017

Be aware the internet is spotty. Never worked in our cabin.


Oct 08, 2017

Get to the dining room on time! Also, most passengers found out after they checked in that we had a shipboard credit. If we had known about that ahead of time, we would have used it to purchase some optional excursions and drinks package that we paid for before the cruise. I wouldn't buy anything in advance from now on in case we get an onboard credit the next time. You don't have to worry about optional excursions selling out.


Aug 29, 2018

Use another Cruise line..Viking has lied to their customers the entire sail season. The "Cruise" became a bus tour of the Danube!


Oct 03, 2018

Be sure water levels are high enough.


Oct 27, 2018

Wait until water levels rise

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