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A: Yes and it was really nice to have bottled water in your room.

Answered by ChristyMay on June 5, 2019

A: Yes!

Answered by MsBettina on June 5, 2019

A: Yes there are mini refrigerators in balcony cabins.

Answered by sueandgreg on June 5, 2019

A: Just got back from cruise on Oasis, and there was a mini fridge. Should be the same on Symphony.

Answered by simplysss on June 5, 2019

A: Yes. Its hidden behind a door at the desk area. Combo lock like the safe.

Answered by kstephenss on June 5, 2019

A: Yes, there is a mini fridge in the ocean view balcony rooms.

Answered by sarah65435268 on June 5, 2019

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