6 Silver Muse Tips


Jul 15, 2018

No need to waste your money on La Dame. Better food is available at the other restaurants without the additional charge.


Nov 11, 2019

The laundry facilities are very convenient and free. They are on each deck. Don't overpack. (like I did :) ). Bring extra luggage space for all of the shopping you will do.


May 15, 2017

Travel when you are older. Average age is 75. I think they are trying to entice the younger crowds but the entertainment just is not that good. Plenty of bars but not that much to do in the evening. When planning your vacation look at the country holidays to see when the towns could be closed down.


Oct 11, 2018

Book specialty restaurants as early as possible.


Aug 25, 2019

Book shore excursions early. Book boats recommended excursions not make your own plans. Better to stick to there itinerary. Get to your port of departure before they told you to arrive. Never too early.


Feb 05, 2020

Book all of your excursions as soon as you are able, the best excursions fill up & have long wait lists. You can book spa appts online but there are many more openings when you get on the ship so once you board go to the spa & book sea day appts if you couldn't get them online. The massage I booked online didn't show up in the system after I was on the ship anyway so I'm glad I made appts on the ship.

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