12 Venues

Adventure Ocean Theater

The first-ever children''s sate-of-the art theater at sea- children of all ages can learn about theatrical productions, take part in talent shows, or sign up for hip hop dance classes.

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Adventure Science Lab

A fully equipped lab where Einstein''s-in-the-making can expand their knowledge.

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1.5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)


Get your game on - how ''bout a little Tetris or Donkey Kong... What? They don''t have those any more. What the heck is Dance Dance Revolution? Well don''t spend all your quarters here my Ship Mate friends.

2 Reviews

2 out of 5

by jamiesails7 on May 13, 2018

Most of the machines were out of order
1 out of 5

by mesoukup1 on February 21, 2018

Verified Review
All 3 arcades were very small. And 90%of the games were OUT OF ORDER. We pre ordered a $100 arcade card and after 4 days we asked for a refund of the $70 we didn't use. The Liberty of the Seas had a... Read More Read Full Review

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Challengers Arcade

Whether you''re playing to beat your best score or for a chance at a prize like an Apple iPod or Shuffle you''ll find plenty of challenges, excitement and fun at our fully-loaded onboard arcades. The cacophony of blips, bleeps, clangs and cheers. Winning is always fun, but the best part of playing video games at sea is our classic arcade atmosphere. Bring the whole family or escape by yourself to a land where cars are for racing and alien invaders need to be zapped. Our arcades offer diversions like air hockey tables, standard arcade games, driving games and prize-redemption games like Stacker, where players have a chance to win an Apple iPod or Shuffle. Our larger vessels also feature interactive dance games like Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up. Guests can activate their arcade account on their SeaPass card either by transferring credit or inserting cash at arcade kiosks.

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Fuel Teen Club

Open ''til 2 a.m., teens can dance, listen to music, or just hang out.

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Imagination Studio

This studio for the future Picasso will give children the opportunity to explore the world of color and through Adventure Art by Crayola.

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Kids Avenue

A central boulevard connecting children with dedicated spaces for our Award-winning Adventure Ocean youth and teen programs and various themed play areas.

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Pets at Sea

Parents can create a personalized plush animal with their children - and bring home a new souvenir plush pet! Choose from a variety of animals and more than 20 adorable outfits and accessories.

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Circular area where children can rollick and participate in a variety of sports and games

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Royal Babies and Tots

Our highly anticipated nursery where trained professionals care for children from morning to evening and host various playgroups created by Fisher Price and Crayola.

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The Living Room

A laid-back place for teens to hang out with new friends.

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A space where families can come together and hone their scrapbooking skills and create personalized jewelry.

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