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An impressive selection of books are available to check out. Choose from a variety of topics, including travel, art, biography, fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, beauty, health, and more. Daily trivia games are often held here as well.

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by Brianna215

I was pretty dissapointed by the book selection. I though since Oasis is a big ship, that they would a larger selection of books, but they did not. But if you bring your own book, or find one you're interested in, in their pitiful selction, then it's a very nice and quiet place to read.

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by cruisellama

Nice quiet area with ample selection of reading material.

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by TabbySmiley

I am glad that we will be near the Library for our upcoming cruise. I love to get the crosswords, trivia and especially the sudoku puzzles daily. I tend to forget them if I have to "find" the Library. 😝

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