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Bionic Bar®by Mark Shakr Photo

Bionic Bar®by Mark Shakr

(5 Reviews)

Order a drink in binary from the robotic bartenders. Meet two robotic bartenders who know how to sh...

Blaze Photo


(6 Reviews)

A great onboard club where you can go to grab a drink, meet some of your shipmates, and dance till c...

Boleros Lounge Photo

Boleros Lounge

(11 Reviews)

Dance to Latin rhythms in Boleros and cool off with a refreshing Latin drink like a mojito or caipir...

Champagne Bar Photo

Champagne Bar

(10 Reviews)

This quiet and elegant escape is the perfect place to enjoy a glass (or two) of the bubbly.

Dazzles Photo


(18 Reviews)

The two-deck Dazzles dance lounge, just off Central Park, is a spectacular space with expansive floo...

Diamond Lounge Photo

Diamond Lounge

(2 Reviews)

From concierge access to complimentary continental breakfast, and even complimentary cocktails at ha...

Globe and Atlas Pub Photo

Globe and Atlas Pub

(12 Reviews)

An excellent meeting place for pints, people, performances, and more.

Playmakers℠ Sports Bar & Arcade Photo

Playmakers℠ Sports Bar & Arcade

(6 Reviews)

Friendly face-offs. Sample beer flights. Go for gameday watch parties on big-screen TVs, tournament...

Pool Bar Photo

Pool Bar

(8 Reviews)

Dip. Sip. Dip. Sip. How''s that for relaxing? Our pool bars make it easy to stay cool in the sun wit...

Rising Tide Bar Photo

Rising Tide Bar

(8 Reviews)

The first-ever moving bar at sea, which ascends and descends over three decks. You have to see it to...

Sabor Bar Photo

Sabor Bar

(2 Reviews)

While at the taqueria, you're going to need something to wash down those jalapenos. We'd suggest a t...

Schooner Bar Photo

Schooner Bar

(9 Reviews)

A casual place to relax in a Nautical setting to enjoy an afternoon beverage. This signature nautica...

Sky Bar Photo

Sky Bar

(1 Review)

This deck bar offers views of the Pool and the surrounding seascape. This is the perfect place to es...

Solarium Bar Photo

Solarium Bar

(6 Reviews)

Does sitting in the whirlpool have you thirsty? Grab a drink at the Solarium Bar.

Trellis Bar Photo

Trellis Bar

(4 Reviews)

Located in our elegant and lively Central Park neighborhood, the Trellis Bar is the perfect place to...

Vintages Photo


(3 Reviews)

Enjoy a glass of your favorite vino, participate in a wine tasting or sample something new from our...

Wipe Out Bar Photo

Wipe Out Bar

(2 Reviews)

Set high above the sea in our Pool and Sports Zone neighborhood, the Wipe Out Bar is a great place t...

Sand Bar Photo

Sand Bar

The Sand Bar, located near the Beach pool, makes it easy to stay cool in the sun without having to s...

Mast Bar Photo

Mast Bar

(4 Reviews)

Bright and comfortable furnishings and an airy ambiance lure passengers to the Mast Bar.

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