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Port o''Call

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You''ll find a nice selection of sundries to purchase here.

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by germ5969 on December 25, 2017

Tourist Traps - Especially on St Thomas (U.S.V.I.)... We got off the ship and we had a choice - take a 10 minute taxi ride to town, stay in the dock area where shops are set up for tourists, or stay o... n the ship. We decided to go into town and look around but the taxi in was supposed to be free since we joined the shopping group. the Taxi driver decided to try going on a tour and then told us we all had to pay him at the first stop. he we informed he was going to take us to the proper area or else and he then did... Mob Rule won out... When we arrived at our original destination, he held his hand out for money but everyone dispersed like mice out of burning barn... We reported him but probably nothing happened. the taxi service in supposed to be heavily regulated but it also seems the way they can get extra money from tourists... Extortion...Plain and Simple... Read More
4 out of 5

by BAK1061 on December 14, 2017

Same as any cruise ship shopping mall. I’m not saying to avoid it, but don’t look for any great deals either.

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The Collection Art Gallery

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

Browsers, buyers and bidders are all equally welcome at the on-board art gallery, where works of well-known and emerging artists are on display, and on sale in the lively art auctions.

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5 out of 5

by qcrenshaw42 on August 04, 2018

The paintings were beautiful.

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