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Casino Bar Photo

Casino Bar

(17 Reviews)

Stay close to the action at the Casino's friendly, full-service bar. It's the perfect place to toast...

Ice Bar Photo

Ice Bar

(14 Reviews)

Now this truly is as cool as it gets. Inspired by the original ice hotels in Scandinavia, The Ice Ba...

Maltings Whiskey Bar Photo

Maltings Whiskey Bar

(18 Reviews)

Be it Canadian, Irish, American, Welsh or Scotch, Maltings Whiskey Bar offers dozens of varieties of...

Sake Bar Photo

Sake Bar

(2 Reviews)

The Sake Bar at Wasabi is the closest you can get to a trip to Japan without getting on a plane. Exp...

Shaker's Martini Bar Photo

Shaker's Martini Bar

(39 Reviews)

Unwind after a long day of doing whatever and join the martini crowd for a sophisticated cosmopolita...

Theater Bar Photo

Theater Bar

(1 Review)

Full bar outside the theater. Grab a drink and watch the show!

The Atrium Bar Photo

The Atrium Bar

(14 Reviews)

Whether you're in the mood for a glass of chardonnay or a vanilla latte, this is the place to see an...

The Epic Club Lounge Photo

The Epic Club Lounge

(4 Reviews)

There's nothing quite like The Epic Club Lounge. Guests of The Villas have exclusive access to this...

Waves Bar Photo

Waves Bar

(9 Reviews)

Forget life on land, relax in a lounge chair, work on your tan and sip on a frozen drink at this poo...

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