860 Navigator of the Seas Tips


Sep 28, 2014

Make sure you explore every part of the ship! So many things to see and do.


Sep 27, 2014

Very easy to get around, Rm 6326 great. This is a balcony and near the elevator bank. However it is soundproof once you step inside the door.


Apr 29, 2017

You are able to bring 2 bottles of wine per stateroom. Don't forget your bottle opener.


Apr 29, 2017

As I said its a little dated but no problems, we took this because of the itinerary and the islands


Mar 17, 2017

Be patient because the elevators were slow and crowded. I enjoyed the dining room but the dinners took a lot of time and several times we missed shows because we did not get done dining in time to catch them.


Mar 19, 2013

We love the Viking Lounge especially when leaving a port. Good panoramic view.


Jan 16, 2020

Stay in a balcony and be prepared for late hours of fun! Get involved with some of the excursions.


Apr 03, 2012

The Solarium is a GREAT place for adults to relax. If you have been to one of the ports many times (like us), consider staying on the ship and enjoy the Solarium. On port days, it's fairly deserted, so NO problem getting a prime deck chair!


Mar 26, 2013

Take the late dinner setting. Then you're not rushed after being in port. Most of the entertainment has two shows to accomidate both seatings.


Mar 26, 2013

Go to the main dining for breakfast if they are open you can order quality food such as eggbenedict and anything you want.Take the early dining time so that you can go to 8.00Pm show usually the shows start on this time.


Apr 02, 2013

Care promenade open 24 hours. Room service fast and easy. Use compass.


Oct 03, 2019

Kick back and enjoy your stay.


Jan 08, 2020

Make use of the solarium pool if you are an adult.


Jun 24, 2013

Travelers that get sea sick do not book anything at the front of the boat!


Mar 07, 2013

Book the My Time dining option. It gives you more flexibility as to when you want to eat. The only bad thing about it is that you have different servers each evening, so you never really get to know them, or them you.


Oct 06, 2011

Just because you're informed that there are "2 formal nights" doesn't mean you have to dress to the nines....wear what you like...many do, it's your vacation, be comfortable, be happy. You might want to bring an all white outfit in case there is a "white party" one evening.


Jan 04, 2020

Purchase the drinks package before your sail date. Drinks are expensive


Jan 15, 2013

Enjoy breakfast in the dining room - it's so relaxing, no standing in line, and you get to meet lots of new people every day.


Feb 12, 2013

Don't miss the fine dining experience and if you're lucky your wait staff will be Virgel and Duwainey!


Feb 26, 2013

book a room in the center and as high as possible....elevators are on each end. Its a long walk from the front to the back and we were always on the opposite end!!

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