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Attic Club Photo

Attic Club

Party with friends, enjoy a nightcap or simply dance the night away at the stylish onboard nightclub...

Brass Anchor Pub Photo

Brass Anchor Pub

(5 Reviews)

A British-styled pub. It has indoor and outdoor seating.

Carousel Lounge Photo

Carousel Lounge

(12 Reviews)

Live performances and disco. Music and dance.

Casino Imperial Bar Photo

Casino Imperial Bar

(3 Reviews)

Located in the middle of the casino, the bar has televisions all the way around it and shows live sp...

Edge Cocktail Bar Photo

Edge Cocktail Bar

(3 Reviews)

Intimate Bar. This pre-dinner bar is an ideal spot to join friends for an aperitif or enjoy a refre...

Mervaglia Bar & Lounge Photo

Mervaglia Bar & Lounge

(2 Reviews)

The lounge has a large seating area, stage shows and is used for a meeting point for various activit...

Polar Pool Bar Photo

Polar Pool Bar

(2 Reviews)

This bar is located with the Polar Aquapark.

Sports Bar Photo

Sports Bar

Located in the Sportplex, it is surrounded by simulators and the bowling alley. It offers drinks an...

TV Studio & Bar Photo

TV Studio & Bar

(3 Reviews)

This high-tech, multi-purpose space houses a radio broadcast suite and a TV studio broadcasting live...

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