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Calypso Cove Photo

Calypso Cove

(2 Reviews)

Did you forget your drawers? Stop by Calypso Cove to get some Princess branded gear. And if you're...

Crooners Martini Bar Photo

Crooners Martini Bar

(7 Reviews)

Stylish and sophisticated, Crooners Martini Bar is a popular place to unwind after dinner. Meet up w...

Mermaid's Tail Photo

Mermaid's Tail

Don't worry - no mermaids were injured while making your beverage. They are all still swimming alon...

Nightclub Photo


(2 Reviews)

Show off your timeless moves from the Charleston to the Roger Rabbit on the dance floor.

Sea Breeze Bar Photo

Sea Breeze Bar

Get a cold, fruity beverage while the wind blows through your hair at the Sea Breeze Bar on the uppe...

Vines Bar Photo

Vines Bar

(2 Reviews)

Enjoy some great wines and delicious seafood at Vines Bar. Wash an oyster down with a little bit of...

Wheelhouse Bar Photo

Wheelhouse Bar

(2 Reviews)

Princess memorabilia decorates the nautically-themed Wheelhouse Bar, where the attentive staff is al...

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